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The Low-Carb Difference

How Is the Michaelson Method Different From Other Low-Carb Diets?

More a nutritional "way of life" than a "diet," Dr. Michaelson's Method differs from other low-carbohydrate approaches with which many chronically overweight people are familiar, such as Atkins, South Beach, Protein Power, Calories Don't Count, The Paleo Diet, Scarsdale, The Blood Sugar Solution, the Ketogenic Diet, The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, and many more. This also includes the so-called Mediterranean Diet and, most recently, the "gluten-free" approaches of such books as "Grain Brain" and "Wheat Belly." The difference is two-fold.

First, certain dietary particulars vary markedly. The Method recommends meaningfully less fat, and more healthy fats, than Atkins, and advocates considerably less carbohydrate intake than virtually all other low-carb regimens (except the ketogenic), at least until ideal body weight is achieved. No calorie or carbohydrate gram counting or tight portion control is required. There is no need to engage in the too-often confusing assessment of "total," "net," or "effective" grams of carbohydrates, to check your urine for ketones, or to adhere to some rigid restriction of how much carbohydrate, protein, or fat should be consumed. In addition, and importantly, the Method differs from the Paleo Diet, The Blood Sugar Solution, and others insofar as it permits and even encourages the liberal use of dairy products and artificial sweeteners when needed.

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Second, the Method is unique in its emphasis on certain critical behavioral tactics — its Rules and Strategies — that have rarely been taught or emphasized by the advocates of previous "low-carb" approaches. The extraordinary simplicity of the YES NO MAYBE list has been specifically designed for dieters whose multiple efforts to lose weight and keep it off have repeatedly ended in frustrating failure.

Because the Method combines, for the first time, the metabolic advantages of carbohydrate "consciousness" with an intense focus on special psychological techniques of behavior control, its effects are synergistic. Once, with Dr. Michaelson's guidance, you have mastered the Method, the attainment of healthful, rapid, hunger-free, lifelong freedom from obesity can be yours — beginning now.