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A Physician With Unique Qualifications & Personal Experience

Dr. Michael G. Michaelson is a physician with 40 years' experience in medical nutrition and weight control who has helped hundreds of individuals lose weight and maintain that weight loss for decades. Drawing upon his many years of training and experience in carbohydrate metabolism and behavioral medicine, he has developed a unique, individualized clinical method that he has used not only to treat patients who have struggled with their weight all of their lives, but also to achieve and maintain his own 50-pound weight loss for 41 years.

Dr. Michaelson graduated in three years from Johns Hopkins University with a double major in history and premedical sciences and was elected to Alpha Epsilon Delta, the National Premedical Honor Society, and to Phi Beta Kappa. He went on to study medicine and medical sociology on a National Institutes of Health Fellowship, as an M.D. - Ph.D. candidate at the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Penn's Wharton School. While at Penn, he studied with Albert J. Stunkard, M.D., chairman of the medical school's department of psychiatry, a world-renowned pioneer in the behavioral treatment of obesity.

In those student years, Dr. Michaelson continued to struggle with a personal weight problem that had plagued him since at least the sixth grade. Stressed out and sleep-deprived as a senior medical student, at the mercy of hospital-cafeteria starches and nurses station candies, brownies, and doughnuts, standing just under six feet, his weight had ballooned to 230 pounds. Desperate for a solution and fascinated by the role of insulin as the "master hormone of metabolism," he was intrigued by (while in many respects skeptical of) the low-carbohydrate diet popularized by Dr. Robert Atkins. He tried it himself, modified it with respect to dietary fat, and applied the behavioral principles advocated by Dr. Stunkard.

The results were extraordinary: within 18 months, he weighed 170 pounds and has maintained that weight, within 10 pounds, since 1976. As a young practicing primary care physician in Philadelphia, he refined his methods and helped his patients achieve similar results, for the first time in their lives, without ever being hungry.

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