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The Michaelson Method

What Is the Michaelson Method?

The Method begins with a substantial reduction in dietary sugars and starches with an emphasis on high-protein nutrition. It recommends eating healthy fats and the liberal use of dairy products and artificial sweeteners when needed. Complying with the program is, by design, extraordinarily simple and blessedly hunger-free, without calorie or gram counting or strict limits on portions. YES foods may (indeed must) be eaten as often and in as much quantity as necessary to satisfy hunger. NO foods should be avoided at all costs. MAYBE foods are enjoyed in limited quantities. The Method's "Rules and Strategies" have been professionally designed to minimize the occasional (sometimes inevitable) "slip-ups" and to enable each dieter to deal with them effectively when they occur.

Yes Foods

This nutritional approach dramatically decreases excessive insulin secretion, reduces insulin resistance, stabilizes blood sugar, and eliminates pathological hunger and carbohydrate craving. The Method is unique in its emphasis on behavioral strategies and tactics rarely taught or emphasized by other "low-carb" approaches.

Regular office visits with Dr. Michaelson facilitate caring, highly individualized, expert medical supervision and vital psychological support, enabling each patient to progress towards his or her goal weight and to maintain that weight for a lifetime.