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Success Stories

Success Stories

How have patients responded to the Michaelson Method? How much weight can I lose? How rapidly?

As his biographical information suggests, Dr. Michaelson is perhaps his own best case study: he has maintained his own 50-pound weight loss, after a childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood of struggle, for more than 40 years.

Summarized below are the experiences of some successful patients, greatly abbreviated from clinical case histories to be contained in the book he is writing about his Method. They should give you an idea of how patients of varying ages and genders have responded to the Method, including how quickly they lost weight and how they felt while doing it. The statements in quotations were the patient's own words, transcribed in real time during regular office visits. Names and identities, but no clinical facts or figures, have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

The material that follows is Copyright @ 2017 by Michael G. Michaelson, M.D., J.D.


A self-described "carboholic," this 5'7", 33-year-old White House staffer attributed her 30 excess pounds to "stress eating." On her first visit, she weighed 163 pounds. One week later, she weighed 158; after four weeks, 151; after two months, 137. "I'm eating a lot," she reported. "I have an incredible amount of energy. I feel great about myself."


Standing 6'2" and weighing 223 pounds, this 45-year-old aerospace engineer lost six pounds the first week, 15 pounds in a bit more than a month, and 22 pounds in two months. He achieved his ideal body weight (about 186 pounds, a loss of 36 pounds) within six months. He maintained that loss for at least two years (when he was last seen in the office). A taciturn man, he had a six-word assessment: "This is a pretty easy regimen."


One year after her initial visit, this 22-year-old phone company employee had lost 81 of her 231 pounds. When first shown the YES NO MAYBE list, Pam, 5'5" tall, was asked if she thought she could give up the candy, cake, ice cream, chips, and pretzels that she had enjoyed routinely, while eating as much chicken, fish, eggs, beef, lamb, pork, low-fat cheese, low-starch vegetables, low-sugar fruit, and other YES foods whenever she was hungry. (For some "junk food junkies," giving up "the stuff" is just about as hard as climbing Mount Everest.) Not so for Pam. "I won't have any problem giving that stuff up," she said, echoing the mythical mountain climber. "I just ate it because it was there." After 18 months, she was down to 133, a loss of 98 pounds and her lowest weight ever as an adult. On her second anniversary, she weighed 141 pounds, and on her third, 140. Over the four years that Dr. Michaelson supervised Pam's diet after she had achieved her goal weight (with visits every few months), her weight varied no more than five pounds.

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