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What Is the Cost & Frequency Of Office Visits? Are Visits Covered By Insurance? Are Discounts Available?

Payment is made at the time of the visit or, if choosing the Discount Program, in advance for two calendar months of visits. The initial visit is $200.00, and follow-up visits are $150.00. The two-month Discount Program (up to 8 visits, a value of $1,200.00) costs $450.00 and must be paid in advance of the two-month period (the initial visit is included). Payment may be made using VISA or MasterCard. Many, if not most, insurance plans will provide reimbursement directly to the patient, which our office will facilitate by providing each patient with documentation of service and applicable diagnostic codes for submission to their carrier.

Dr. Michaelson makes his deep discount offer available to encourage weekly or bi-weekly visits if at all possible. That schedule, established as a result of decades of experience, greatly enhances the Method's results for a host of behavioral reasons. The advantages (in addition to lower cost) of frequent visits — to monitor progress, answer questions, and provide behavioral and pharmacological interventions as needed — will be detailed by Dr. Michaelson during each patient's initial visit. While not every patient can visit weekly, most can come into the office four to six times during the two-month period, and "telemedicine" visits via Skype or FaceTime may be an option for some visits.